How do you say scone?

Does it rhyme with John or Joan?

Thank you to everybody who has taken the survey, you have been very helpful!  The link has now been removed so I can begin the long process of analysing the results.  Thanks again!

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Most people have an opinion about how you say scone, and which pronunciation is the "posh" one or "correct".  Well, no research has been published about who says scone each way - until now...

Please read the FAQs (link at the top) to make sure you know what to do, and then take the survey (also linked at the top)  - and your answers will become an important part of my dissertation. 

Also, do feel free to send the link to this page to friends, family and colleagues - the more filled questionnaires I get, the more accurate the results overall.

In June 2009, the full results will be available on the website - so check back on the "News" page to see how your pronunciation style fits in with everyone else's, and you might even be able to settle an argument or two!